About Us

For women living an extraordinary life, applyw is a luxury destination that brings together the best clothing, household goods, art, jewelry and senses.
Each store represents a unique and diverse hierarchy of people, products and space, both desirable and different.

Applyw's coveted collection of fashion and accessories comes from international and local designers, coexisting with a series of handmade household products and brand sensory series made of local unique essential oils.
This fusion of modern Bohemian fashion, accessories and handicrafts creates a truly unique retail experience and celebrates global diversity.

Applyw owns some of the world's most popular brands and also produces its own brand of the same name, led by creative director kirily Johnston.
The brand is famous for its iconic leather, smooth silk and luxurious knitwear, reflecting the modern global style.

Complementing the shell clothing series is a veritable treasure house of jewelry and accessories of world-famous designers.